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The Roberta Flack - Chapter Two RCB Tank

From the original painting by :Noble :D. :LeMoore.

In commemoration of the elegant, sophisticated, smooth, R&B, Soul, pianist, vocalist, and teacher, Roberta "Cleopatra" Flack. Born in Black Mountain, North Carolina (U.S.A.) on February 10, 1937. She comes from a musical tradition that was the soul of her family's DNA. Daughter of Laron Flack, a church organ player, she learned to play piano at an early age. Gospel music was her starting point, and she grew up playing hymns and spirituals on piano for the Lomax African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. She earned her scholarship and music degree at Howard University. She attended class with her peer Donny Hathaway, with whom she would later do many classical duets. To make her hands meet, she became a teacher and worked at Banneker, Browne, and Rabaut Junior High Schools. She would also teach private piano lessons while singing at Washington clubs during the evening and weekends. One night, she performed in front of Jazz musician Les McCann and made a great impression on him. McCann brought her to sign to Atlantic Record. While pursuing her career, she also devoted her talent to great causes. She was a perfectionist, fully dedicated. She blessed the audience with a mesmerizing voice and has been able to incarnate many styles and genres in the most credible, and incredible way. She ca