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Snoh Aalegra Wish Cards


From the original painting by :Noble-Derby :LeMoore.


Original Canvas Size 12"x16". Additional  Available Size 18"x24".


Wish Card Size 5"x7"


9 cards per packages. Also available in packages of 3.

This is a depiction of Shahrzad Fooladi better know as Snoh Aalegra. Born in Sweden, and of Iranian origin, she traveled to Los Angeles to pursue her dream on a musical journey. She is an R&B singer-songwriter, who blends her voice with dynamic and orchestral sounds, which she defines as "Cinematic Soul". Her magic secret lays in how she is able to convey her emotions, through words in a vibrant way. She comes with a sound that bridges the 90s hip hop and R&B golden era with a fresh outtake that appeals to the new generation.  


A beautiful portrait for the lovers of art and music,  an excellent way to send wishful thoughts to your dear ones.




Painting Process:  Noble D. LeMoore - Snoh Aalegra Painting

Snoh Aalegra Wish Cards

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