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Taïno Arrowukas Woman Wish Cards


*From the Original painting :Noble-Derby :LeMoore. 

Original canvas size: 24x30" Available sizes 12x16 and 18x24


3 Wish Cards per package. also available in packages of 9.


Citation adapted from the book "Anacaona - Golden Flower - Haiti 1490" by Edwidge Danticat:


"Fade, full moon, as her new life glows. If there is joy to be found here, let her find it. If there is pain, let her endure it. If there is love, give her all there is. And as the moon is made new so will she."


This is a depiction of the painting titled "Taïno Arrowukas Woman Ayiti 1490" by Noble D. LeMoore. We can see a taïno woman standing close to a tree near the sea, and holding a grey-crowned palm-tanager bird. Painting inspired by the controversial Jean-Gabriel Stedman’s drawing. He had a pejorative view of the natives. I wanted to paint a scene in a more positive light. I wanted to imagine a scene before 1492, of a normal day on the island of Ayiti Kiskeya Boyo, which comprises Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


Painting Process:


Noble D. LeMoore - Taïno Arrowukas Woman Ayiti 1490


Taïno Arrowukas Woman Wish Cards

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