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The Chess Players - China Wish Cards 


From the original painting by :Noble-Derby :LeMoore.


Original canvas size: 30x36" Only available in 18x24 and 24x36


3 Wish Cards per package (5"x7"). Also available in packages of 9.


Depiction of three-man from China playing their traditional chess in the outdoors during the winter. This game called Xiangqi predates the conception of China itself and was already embedded in the fabric of the region. It seems that there is some ambiguity to the meaning of the word Xiangqi. Three meaning are mostly common to the name of the game which is:


1. The Elephant Game

2.The Figure game 

3. The Constellation Game


Nevertheless, it is said that Xiang is more likely to be associated with the word elephant, and Qi with the word Chess. It is not clear whether Xiangqi originated in India or is derived from the Chinese game called Liubo. Liubo being a game dated to three and a half millennia shows some similarities to the game of Xiangqi. One notable thing is that the original pieces in liubo were made of ivory and that the elephant was an animal incorporated in the military. 


*I will eventually write an article on the subject on my Stories page.


This wish card can come with a thoughtful gift for people who enjoy board strategic games. For those who have an interest in the culture of China of simply for the artwork. The image is vivid and is a beautiful depiction of one of the most ancient, and most popular board games in China. 


Painting Process:

Noble D. LeMoore - The Xiangqi Players - China


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The Chess Players Wish Cards

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