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The Lone Wolf And His Son Wish Cards


From the original painting by :Noble-Derby :LeMoore.


Original canvas size: 16x20. Available online in sizes 16"x20" and 18"x24".


Canvases, and Prints, are available. Hoodies and T-Shirts are also available online.


Quote from Daigoro, the son of the lone wolf: “At night, we make a fire and have our tea, and we listen for the ninja, who never make a sound.”


9 per package (5"x7"). Also Available in packages of 3.


Canvases, Prints and Greeting Cards are available. Hoodies and T-shirts are also available online.


Here is a depiction of the Tomisaburô Wakayama as Lone Wolf and Akihiro Tomikawa as his Son from the epic movie "Shogun Assassin" (1980). The movie is an edited version of two episodes of the original series whose title translates as "Lone Wolf and Cub". The American version was edited and Directed by Robert Houston from the original versions directed by Kenji Misumi. This wish card is for martial art, samurais, movie, music, and more. For those in the know of the classic album titled "Liquid Swords" from Gza of the Wu-tang Clan, this image finds its proper place in this dynamic. This wish card gives you the opportunity to give something potent and thoughtful to your dear one.


*I will go more into the details about "The Shogun Assassin" on my stories page, in the near future.


Painting Process:


Noble D. LeMoore - The Lone Wolf And His Son Painting

The Lone Wolf And His Son

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