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Joseph Louis Debrosse Canvas



*From the original painting by Noble D. LeMoore


Original canvas size: 20x24" Only available in 16x20", 18x24", and "24x36"

Greeting cards available in packages of 3 and 9


Looking to have a one-of-a-kind piece of art, something that stands out, a piece of culture and history for your home or office? Look no further - this canvas print has a vivid, fade-resistant print to stand the test of time.


• Fade-resistant
• 20.5 mil-thick poly-cotton blend canvas
• Hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars
• Matte finish coating


Introducing "Joseph Louis Debrosse" Canvas Print: A Symbol of Legacy and History.


Step into the captivating world of Haitian history with our exquisite canvas print titled "Joseph Louis Debrosse." This stunning artwork pays homage to an influential figure in Ayiti's past, capturing the essence of a man who fought for change and left an indelible mark on his community.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this archival-quality canvas print showcases the original painting's splendor, faithfully reproducing the silver screen on birch wood. The result is a visually striking masterpiece that will elevate any space, adding a touch of elegance and cultural significance to your home or office.


Joseph Louis Debrosse, a Civil Registration Officer and a visionary dedicated his life to advocating for progress and equality. While his bid for the presidency may not have been realized during his time, his legacy lives on through this captivating artwork. By owning this canvas print, you become part of his story, connecting with a rich heritage and celebrating the resilience of the Haitian spirit.


The painting tells a tale of family, with Joseph Louis Debrosse's lineage intricately woven into its narrative. Born on August 25th, 1858, in Gonaïves, Artibonite, Ayiti, he emerged from humble beginnings, driven by a desire to create a better future. His parents, Charles William Debrosse and Marthe Elizabeth Edelmonde Mitton, both natives of Gonaïves, instilled in him the values of strength, determination, and compassion.


Married to Marie Michel Amelie Dorval, Joseph Louis Debrosse embarked on a journey of love and family, raising ten children who would carry on his name and his ideals. It is through the lineage of one of his sons, Pacome Demosthene Debrosse, that we find a direct connection to the present. Pacome, my great-grandfather, played a pivotal role in shaping my family's destiny, paving the way for your grandfather, Louis Lovinsky Debrosse, and ultimately, your mother, Micheline Debrosse.


As you showcase this canvas print in your home, you honor not only the historical significance of Joseph Louis Debrosse but also the strength and resilience inherent in your own lineage. This artwork becomes a conversation starter, a testament to your heritage, and a source of inspiration for future generations.


Each canvas print is carefully produced to ensure the utmost quality and longevity. The archival materials used guarantee vibrant tones that will remain true for years to come, allowing you to cherish and pass down this heirloom piece.


Embrace your roots, celebrate your history, and showcase your love for Ayiti with our "Joseph Louis Debrosse" canvas print. Own a piece of Haitian heritage and let the spirit of the past inspire your present.


Painting Process:

Noble D. LeMoore - Joseph Louis Debrosse

Joseph Louis Debrosse Canvas

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